As car wash attendants, they wash and polish car exteriors and interiors. They often clean tires, dust, drying, apply soap solutions, vacuum car interiors, scrape loose specks of dirt, clean seats, and remove the trash on a car.


  • Participate in the wash process and use the car wash equipment.
  • Greet clients politely and explain the wash services that are offered.
  • Take and process wash payments so that both the customers and the car wash are satisfied.
  • Pre-wash the outside of automobiles and scrub portions of them that are extremely filthy and difficult to reach.
  • Do facility cleaning and make sure everything is kept in its right position and organized Conduct routine maintenance on washing equipment to keep it in good functioning order
  • Help clients in whatever way possible during the vehicle wash process by using items including water hoses, nozzles, brushes, soap-buckets, brooms, hand tools, pressure washers, and grease guns.
  • Cars must be moved or directed into the wash area with a polite, focused, and competent attitude.
  • Vehicles must also be visually inspected to ensure that they are in good condition before being sent into the wash area.
  • Make sure trash cans are empty, vacuums are unclogged, and hoses are strung correctly.
  • With a sense of urgency, make sure the proper action is taken with clients, the home office, and coworkers at the appropriate time


  • Ability to conduct oneself with a polite and professional demeanor.
  • Good customer service abilities to achieve high levels of client satisfaction.
  • Proven capacity for working a variety of hours, including weekends
  • The ability to operate outside and be effective in all-weather situations
  • The capacity to move objects of moderate weight The capacity to work quickly to deliver washed automobiles to clients in record time
  • Ability to communicate responsibly with coworkers and customers
  • Have a high school graduation and at least one year of sales experience in a comparable field, or an equivalent combination of education and experience.
  • Have a current, valid driver’s license.
  • Outstanding interpersonal, written, and verbal communication capabilities
  • High capacity to withstand the jo’s physical demands
  • Driving experience in a variety of vehicles, including both automatic and manual automobiles