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Sanada services limited is a recruitment agency based in Kenya, registered and regulated by the national employment agency.

We are authorized to recruit on behalf of foreign agencies, companies and individual clients.We identify and match individual candidates based on individual customer needs.

We ensure our candidates are medically fit by organizing their medical checks, we also do their background check through the Kenya government security organs. We also tailor make their training according to the clients’ needs.

We organize their travel by ensuring they have all the valid travelling documents. We have a huge data base of suitable candidates i.e. Professionals, safety officer, construction workers, security, drivers, domestic workers, cleaners, healthcare workers etc.

We humbly request you to trust us with all your employment / job requirement.

We have a team of professional and dedicated staff members who are ready to assist you with all your requirement.

Looking forward to doing business with you. For more details, kindly contact us.

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Veronicah Githinji
Human Resource Manager